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Tired of going out at the weekend just to find the clubs full of couples already on dates, few singles worth saying hello to, and all the while handing over your hard earned pounds for over-priced pints and dinners? Wake up! Singles aren't lounging in clubs waiting for Mr or Mrs Right any longer, they're proactive: their online using free dating UK websites to meet new people.

This is good news, and it is never to late to sign up and start using the free dating UK websites, such as this one. It's really quite simple why these free dating sites are working, and in the end its a numbers and convenience game. The numbers are impossible to argue: at any club or pub you might have a few dozen, maybe even as many as 100 singles to approach and try a line on, and of the 100 maybe a handful that are your type. On our free site you'll find thousands that match your taste in the opposite- or same-sex, and thousands more if you're willing to open yourself to new experiences, like dating blonds as well as brunettes. When it comes to convenience its open and shut, too. There's no need to humiliate yourself with awkward pick up lines, or pour your salary into the bar keep's tip jar while flirting with a girl who may or may not go home with you. In private, on your own time, you can surf the profiles, pictures, and other content that eager singles are uploading, and send discrete messages to those that pique your fancy. Then of course you'll have the singles on the site doing just the same when they find your profile and send you a message asking to hook up. It's so much easier!

Online dating is here to stay, and will probably become a permanent and common part of our lives. “How did you meet mummy?” “On a free dating site, of course!” It's easier, it is cheaper, and most importantly: it works! So what are you waiting on? Get signed up, and start meeting other singles in the UK right now.

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